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Flying with Jan Veen

Jan Veen...

Jan Veen… flight instructor, commercial pilot and ownder of Jan Veen Helicopter Services. For 14 years, he worked for Heli Transair EAS. More than 6,500 flight hours and instructor authorizations for private pilots, commercial pilots, IFR and flight instructors are proof for his expertise. He has completed more than 19,000 landings, about 11,000 autorotations and owns not only the commercial pilot license (ATPL (H)) but also teaching authorizations for IFR, PPL, CPL and Fi. He is examinor FE(H) for PPL, CPL and Fi and in April 2012, the German Federal Office of Civil Aviation appointed him as examinor (H) SEN for three years. This grants him special authorization for the issuance of certificates for an extension of the Auditor-recognition.

Additionally, Jan Veen is examinor for the models AW109, A109, EC120, G2 and RH44, instructor for AS355 AW109, A109, EC120, R44, G2 and during his career he flew the models BO105, AW109, A109, EC120, R22, R44, G2, AS355, BH06 and HU30. In February 2012 he completed the MOU-authorization (mountain flight training) with the Swiss Civil Aviation office BAZL. Many of his breathtaking mountain videos and glacier landings can be seen in media.

guinness-urkunde-HR1Not only his qualifications and flight hours are impressive: Jan Veen can also be found in a wide selection of magazines, newspapers and YouTube Videos. Through numerous TV- and radio-appearances,  as well as with trial courses for celebrities, he gained a significant degree of popularity. The highlight of his medial career so far was winning the show “Wetten dass…?” in 2008 by „opening beer bottles with a helicopter.“ 

Not only did he win the show, the Guinness World Records Ltd. also certified a world record. 

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Jan Veen
An der Wegscheid 19 EgelsbachDE63329 DE 
 • 0177 447 66 97

Helicopter models


AS355 Eurocopter AS355 IFR Robinson R44 TRI/TRE
Guimbal Cabri G2 TRI/TRE Eurocopter EC120 TRI/TRE
Agusta A109 & AW109 TRI/TRE IFR SPH & MPH    


Schweizer HU269 TRI Bell 206 TRI
Eurocopter AS350 TRI R22 Robinson R22 TRI/TRE
bo105  Eurocopter BO105 TRI
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