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Jan Veen
An der Wegscheid 19 EgelsbachDE63329 DE 
 • 0177 447 66 97
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beratungAre you in charge of a flight school and would like to experience a different perspective on your challenges?

We have something that you do not have, namely, taking a look at your business from the outside. Often the solution to a problem is quite simple, if you change the perspective. You can count on our know-how in this business, the aeronautical sector, and rely on our concentrated expertise. Jan Veen, co-founder and former partner of the company Heli Transair EAS, can draw upon a broad network, for example, on the expertise of business consultants with over 20 years of professional experience in flight operations.

We know that running a flight school demands great organizational talent. Administration, in particular the cost of documentation, can easily exceed the amount of actual training activity. Together, we can identify areas of improvement. We develop solutions for your internal structure and organization, advise you on making economic decisions such as investments or site selection, and help you implement your marketing strategies.

There are high requirements for flight school training materials. Originals should be kept up to date, not only in compliance with official guidelines, but also in order to meet the requirements of the customer. We can help you optimize processes within your flight school and ensure that an efficient organization minimizes administration efforts. Together, we prepare up-to-date documents for your school, so that your students have an even better feeling starting their training with you.

Of course, all projects are fully scalable. You can choose whether we create a concept together, refine a strategy or support you actively in the implementation process. After all, flying is our passion and we use that passion when we accompany you on your way to success.

Helipad Hubschrauber LandeplatzDo you have the lifelong dream of owning a helicopter?

Then talk with us, the experts. We have experienced the buying process countless times. First, we thoroughly analyze your needs and upon request provide you with a business plan including a fiscal analysis generated by our tax consulting partner. We guarantee to find you the most suitable helicopter for the best price available every time.


In our network, we rely on tax competence: Argus-UP, a renowned accounting office in Dreieich is specialized in helicopter matters and offers support with proven concepts.

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Organisation der FlugschuleSo you want to become a helicopter pilot?

The training to become a helicopter pilot is a major investment, and should be carefully considered and prepared. Which flight school is the best for your needs? Should I purchase the helicopter license in the U.S. or in Germany? Should I choose a continuous or a modular training? Which type ratings and advanced training opportunities make sense or are even necessary? What exactly does “training at a fixed price” mean?

In addition to this, there is the uncertainty after the training -will the investment pay off quickly by providing opportunities for getting a job that is challenging and fun.

Seek advice and avoid unpleasant surprises. Whether you are planning to acquire the commercial or private pilot license: Beautiful photographs, elaborate websites, bait advertising and reputable uniforms can give a false impression. Don’t just rely on your intuition, but take advantage of our experience. We can give you the pros and cons of various flight schools, check the contracts and reveal cost traps. Jan Veen carries out 80 check flights per year for license renewal. As auditor and expert of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, he can look behind the scenes of many flight schools. With face to face communication, he will find out which path is the right one for you. We can ensure that he does not cooperate with any flight schools – this way, you will receive a truly independent advice.

Invest in a solid training for helicopter pilots. A consultation will cost only 150, – € – your complete satisfaction provided.

Jan Veen SchulungenYou own a flight school or your company employs flight instructors?

Jan Veen Helicopter Services assists in the training of instructors. As experienced trainers, we have many years of professional experience in education and training of professional pilots and flight instructors. We can also provide professional support.

The training of instructors can be carried out in modules which are developed by us. These can be tailored to the individual’s prior knowledge and experiences of the pilot.

Professional competence is important to be a good pilot, but what really makes a difference are the so-called “soft skills”. Thus, an essential part of our training for flight instructors is the training to pass-on knowledge to future students.

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hubschrauber_kaufenTime is Money: How to make all appointments

Breakfast in Hamburg, a meeting in Munich, Dinner in Berlin: If this is what your schedule looks like, it’s time to break new ground. Travelling is now as flexible as it can be allowing you to avoid traffic jams, forget about train delays, and not waste your time waiting in line at the security check. Take a private helicopter ride to travel comfortable, fast, and convenient to your destination – you will literally land right outside the front door.

Short-term change of date? No problem, our helicopter is always ready for takeoff. The pilot knows your itinerary, adapts flexibly to any changes, and also finds a place to land in the remotest areas. The time you save is better used working, making important decisions, or pursuing personal interests. We are happy to provide you with a cost-benefit analysis – in which you will see how the time you save compensates for all costs.

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Privatflüge mit Jan VeenLet’s take-off together!

So you always wanted to see your house from up there, the neighborhood, your home town, or any other location that has a special meaning to you? Let us take you high in the air with a helicopter and we will provide you with a unique bird’s eye view. During a picture/film-flight you will see the world anew and also take back home great souvenirs. Maybe you will finally find the right location for your new home?

Sometimes it just has to be something special: You plan a summer party and would like to offer your employees an exceptional feature. Maybe you have clients who deserve an extra “thank you”. A big anniversary is on and everybody is invited to celebrate with you. A helicopter tour is a fascinating experience – and we can assure you that your guests will be going home with plenty new good memories. Helicopter rides can be started from your company or your plot. Let us point out that the helicopter itself can serve as an advertising medium: Let’s put your logo or slogan on the machine – it will be clearly visible for everybody’s eyes and cameras. From planning to implementation, we offer a unique solution, so that you and your guests have a memorable day.

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werksverkehrTravel individually – and save time

No more traffic, no waiting time, and overall flexibility: With company-owned helicopters you can save valuable time! Intermediate transport with a helicopter plays an increasing role especially where road and rail transport is not sufficiently available. Does your company have sites that are remote? Are you selling time-sensitive products? A helicopter provides fast and direct transportation of your goods – regional airports and smaller airfields are easy to locate. A helicopter can also be a valuable alternative to other travelling means for management personnel: Attending meetings in Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg in a single day are finally feasible. The helicopter provides a fast, convenient and relaxing way to travel. Not only your job, also your private life will profit from the extra time available. Hotel stays become unnecessary, leaving you with more time for your hobbies and family.

Is a helicopter really a good alternative for your company compared to a car fleet, trains or airplanes? From an economic point of view – should you invest in your own helicopter or should you hire a helicopter service provider to conduct the transportation? Seek advice from Jan Veen Helicopter Services in all important decisions in the planning process. We will assist you in finding the right helicopter, get in touch with a helicopter service company or provide experienced pilots.

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Helikopter VertriebYou want your helicopters to fly… and more

You want your helicopter business to make profit. It really is that simple. Together, we develop new marketing ideas and actively support you in increasing your sales. We take over an advisory role in the strategic process or act as your external marketing department. In any case we guarantee the same success we have proven many times – we are happy to show you our showcases.

From Flight operations, events and trade shows to an open house – we will develop new and promising ideas for your business. Of course we appreciate being measured by our own performance – thus we will gladly arrange appropriate performance-based compensation models.

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Helikopter PresseThe modern entrepreneur practices marketing. Do you?

Marketing is more than sales, pricing, and advertising with colorful pictures. Marketing is the sum of all of this. For flight schools and aviation companies this means the leadership of the company has to take actions according to the customers’ needs. We will help you find out what your customers wishes are, and develop products and services that perfectly comply with them.

We can do even more than that. With an experienced team, we are happy to create or redesign your website, develop brochures, and create customer mailings. Along with that, we will position your company in the market so that is has a good standing, and show you how to make a good impression on press, radio, and TV.

You can increase your brand awareness and your sales in no time. We offer this service because we have practiced it for years with proven great success.

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Helicopter purchase

hubschrauber_kaufenThe dream of owning a helicopter

You have a private pilot license and want your own helicopter? You are a successful businessman and would like to purchase a helicopter for your business? No matter what motivation you have: Jan Veen Helicopter Services will give you impartial advice on the acquisition of a helicopter.

After a detailed needs and cost analysis, and taking into account your individual needs, we will find the right machine for you. The next steps include professional technical audit and review, negotiation and purchase process, and transfer and registration of your helicopter. Of course we are also available to provide after-sales services.

You already own helicopters and want to sell them? Then rely on our experience to achieve an optimal price. First, we perform a technical review of your machine and determine the current market value. We are happy to take care of the entire sales process – for this, Jan Veen Helicopter Services uses a variety of international search engines for used helicopters as well as gets in touch with a variety of international helicopter service providers in Germany. We find you seriously interested buyers in no time.

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Helipad Hubschrauber LandeplatzGet your own helipad!

A helicopter landing site … at your home or company? With our vast experience and knowledge of current legislation, we are able to support you in this matter. From assessing your site, discussions with relevant authorities, and creating assessment reports to submission and final approval of your own helipad.

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And that’s just the beginning…

Commercial pilot, flight instructor, type rating instructor, expert or consultant for training managers in staff shortages … we like to help out, with high flexibility and no fixed costs.

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