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ueber_uns_neuSometimes you need support. Sometimes you experience staff shortages or economic times require a flexible and spontaneous acquisition of skills. For example, you are working on a project, which turns out to be more work than expected, or maybe certain parts got neglected. You might need some fresh ideas and new perspectives to strike a new path. Specializing in the helicopter industry, we offer complete flexibility, deep industry knowledge, and a high range of services. We are based in the Frankfurt area – thanks to its central location and its proximity to the international airport in Frankfurt and the airport Egelsbach we are available for  national and international assignments. Trust the extensive experience of professional pilot Jan Veen (Commercial Pilot with IFR authorization, flight instructor for flight instructors, flight instructor for private and commercial pilots, LBA expert for EC 120, R44, R22 and Guimbal Cabri G2, examiner for flight instructors, professional and private pilots) and his valuable network in the areas of flight schools, press, and media consulting. As a member of the Rotary, Jan Veen values the principles of fairness, friendship, and the good of all – be it in everyday contact with people or in the business and professional life. Of course Jan Veen is always available for personal conversations with you just fill out the contact form or give us a call! Make sure you stop by the media center to let pictures and videos speak for themselves.

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Jan Veen
An der Wegscheid 19 EgelsbachDE63329 DE 
 • 0177 447 66 97