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Prof. check/Type Rating Skill Test SEH (TRE) (45-60 min. flight time) 180,- net
Prof. check/Type Rating Skill Test MEH VFR (VFR-SPH/MPH) (45-60 min. flight time) 230,- net
Prof. check/Type Rating Skill Test MEH IFR (IFR-SPH/MPH) (60-90 min. flight time) 300,- net
Fi Prof. Check (FIE) (60-90 min. flight time) 250,- net
Fii Skill test (FIE) (60-90 min. flight time) 250,- net
Examiner initial test / renewal (SEN) (45-60 min. flight time) 250,- net
FI Skill test (FIE) (60-90 min. flight time) 250,- net
or according to LBA
 ATPL(H) test  according to LBA
Any additional flight hour (charged by minute) 100,- net
PPL Skill Test (FE PPL (H)) according to RP
CPL Skill Test (FE CPL (H)) according to LBA
Pilot daily rate IFR captain/supervision 450,- net
Pilot daily rate VFR captain/supervision 400,- net
Pilot daily rate IFR/VFR copilot 400,- net
Flight instructor VFR per flight hour 100,- net
Flight instructor VFR daily rate 400,- net
Flight instructor IFR per flight hour (Typerating) 250,- net
Flight instructor IFR daily rate 750,- net
Training counselling 150,- net
misc. consulting services upon request
Trip to/from location (per km) 0,45 net

All prices according to “Ziffer III des Gebührenverzeichnis zu § 2 Abs. 1 LuftKostV” Additional charges according to legal regulations. Accomodation according to receipts. Arrival and departure days will be charged at full price. Trips to/from site alternatively via Deutsche Bahn Class 1 or scheduled flight. Special terms by agreement only for bookings on a regular basis or several day duration. For all prices mentioned above, except those consulting services that can be handled by phone, a minimum pay of 400 € per day not including travel expenses applies. On weekends and holidays a 50% surcharge applies. All prices in € plus VAT. Effective 02/12/2014

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